New Video!

We just put up a new youtube video :)  Here’s our rendition of a classic Chet Atkins and Dolly Parton duet, based off of Justin Townes Earle and Dawn Landes’ cover.  We shot it back in September, on of the last videos we got to record together. We hope you enjoy it until we can get some new stuff up for you all in about seven weeks!

So… It’s been a while.  Four months by our count.  All four of those loooong months have found us in our respective countries (The Netherlands and The United States) away from each other, planning our next few steps.

Now there’s only two more months separating us.  We can’t share too much just yet but needless to say we’re both excited to finally be together again and making the music we love for the fans we adore.

So stay tuned for more news coming from us. Like I said, we can’t reveal too much but as April nears we’ll get all you guys up to date!  Can’t wait!


An artist we featured a while back (and are absolutely in awe of), Lera Lynn, is working on her new record! A follow up to her full-length debut Have You Met Lera Lynn?  She’s funding the whole thing through pledgemusic.com (<- Just click that link right there to pledge) and every dollar counts.  So give her music a listen if you haven’t already and show her your support!

This week’s edition of Music Monday is a very special one.  Today we are going to feature the sounds of… The Bird and The Bear!  Oh wait, that’s us…

We’re excited to announce that our debut EP is now available for free download on Bandcamp for the next month!  The goal is to get this recording into as many hands, ears, music libraries, playlists, etc. as possible.  So all that we ask is if you download it 1. listen to it 2. share it with a friend and 3. tell us what you think!


Just click the album cover to take you to the website.  Once you click the “Free Download” link you just have to type in your e-mail address and zip code (don’t worry, it’s all kept private) to receive the file.  Then you can tweet it, facebook it, blog it, tell a friend, your mother-in-law, your dentist, anybody that you think would enjoy it!

Music Monday: Lera Lynn

Hello everyone!  Welcome to our first ever Music Monday (catchy title, right?), where we share what we’ve been listening to.

For our inaugural post we would like to introduce you to Lera Lynn.  We first found out about her through the great videos of Slow Records.  She has a soothing voice and dark songwriting chops reminiscent of Gillian Welch.  And indie cred to boot!  Be sure to check out her phenomenal renditions of these TV on the Radio and Neutral Milk Hotel classics.


We streamed her debut album Have You Met Lera Lynn? for two days until we found ourselves in the nearest record store (in the Netherlands) and purchased the last copy in the store (Score!).

Blurring genre lines and steadily forging her own sound, she’s been a big inspiration for us (to say the least) and we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t share it with you.

Away from it all…

It’s all too easy to drive yourself crazy in today’s world. Although, it was probably just as easy to go crazy in previous eras. But now we’re completely aware of everybody’s craziness. Whether it’s being e-mailed, posted, tweeted, or blogged (ahem), everyone’s stresses fall into your lap through particles of light being emitted from your computer monitor. Facebook plants other peoples’ problems directly on your already weary shoulders.

We recommend you brush your shoulders off.

Take a day for yourself. At the very least, take an hour for yourself. And not in front of a computer screen. Not in front of the television. Not at a bar. Find yourself a place where the noise of the world doesn’t interrupt your thoughts and see where your mind takes you. Creatively, this is vital. Emotionally, it’s just as important.

A week ago, we took a random day trip to the woods. Immediately, we felt reenergized and inspired by the simple beauty that surrounded us. After a few hours of randomly walking through the woods (most of that time finding our way into, and out of a labyrinth) we knew it was a day well spent. The peace we found that day was reflected in our interests and our passions; specifically photography and music.

We’re not telling you what to do. It’s just a suggestion. But what do you have to lose? Other than a few hours.

Until next time.

Who we are…

Who we are…

Hello!  We’re The Bird and The Bear. Or… as our friends know us, Mirthe and Garry.  Or Mirt Bert and Gurr Burr.  Or just Mirt, and Gurr, or Gar… but anyway.

We are a folk duo “loosely” based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Neither one of us actually live in Nashville at the moment, nor are we from Nashville; but that is where we met and recorded our debut EP Breathe.  It could be said that we’re an international duo. Mirthe hailing from the Netherlands and myself (Garry) coming from Wyoming.

At the moment we both live in Groningen, the Netherlands, unfortunately it’s only temporary for me.  Being from two parts of the globe presents its challenges, a major reason why we’ve started this blog.

So… join us while we share our passions, inspirations, and our struggles to live in the same country.

The Bird and The Bear from Hetty Ruth White on Vimeo.


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